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The Shed Cafe Coffee

Proudly introducing the Spirit Triplette.

At The Shed Cafe we use the best coffee beans, The Shed has hand-picked the best machine for the job. The amazing features mean the Spirit Triplette represents a new level of espresso quality and sophistication, only available to only a select number of cafes world-wide.

  • Large high capacity steam boiler with one heat exchanger per coffee boiler to pre-heat water going towards each coffee boiler, enlarging capacity and stability even more
  • One independent PID temperature controller on each coffee boiler, with display under each group, barista monitors real life temperature
  • Saturated self bleeding groups, equipped with stainless steel solenoid valves
  • Temperature of hot water can be tuned by adjusting pump pressure
  • 2 external rotation pumps: 1 providing brew pressure to a group, the additional pump to fill the steam boiler and inject cold water to hot water spout
  • 1 pressure gauge per group
  • Automatic group back-flush cycle
  • We can switch each boiler on or off
  • Group dispersion blocks in POM, temperature neutral, block remains clean because no oils or fats stick to block
  • Long path inside coffee boiler and group to optimize stability

The best coffee beans & exceptional coffee, every time.

The Shed’s commitment to quality coffee and our pursuit for the perfect espresso is real. We have a passion for the roasted bean and only using the most effective brewing methods. So real we have partnered with The Spirit, the world’s leading coffee machine; sold only to only a select range of cafes world-wide.

Our goal is for our customers to have a complex and beautiful experience with each cup of coffee, so we’ve created our own signature blend; it’s distinctive with notes of dried fruits, caramel and nougat. The blend has a mild acidity for complexity and a creamy mouth feel, great with or without milk.

We know how critical the selection of fresh roasted coffee beans is to the quality of coffee we serve. Understanding that variety, milling and processing are all integral to a coffee’s identity and quality. We are proud of the components used in The Shed blend and the exceptional coffee we serve our customers.

Being active in the community, The Shed proudly supports a Co-op in Colombia that supplies 60% of the coffee used in The Shed unique blend. Our support has allowed this small group of farmers to reinvest in better farming practices.

The Sheds Coffee Beans are available to order online with free shipping.

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